Weather and Geothermic Conditions that Affect Paranormal Activity

by Janine Donnellan

A ghost, or an astral being is a compilation of many different elements. It usually is the essence and energy of a previously living human being lacking all of it’s physical senses. A ghost is a elemental being sustained by an energetically charged environment. Many elements are required to establish the formation of this elusive entity. Energy, first and foremost is essential for it’s existence.

It has been documented during paranormal investigations that astral beings need energy to manifest and consequently they tap into whatever energy is available to them. This energy may be electrical sources such as appliances and batteries; also they may draw on the energy emanating from human beings and the atmosphere within the immediate area. That is why paranormal activity often coincides with vast fluctuations in temperature.

Did you know that the weather including solar and lunar activity is also known to play a role in increased paranormal activity? Geomagnetic fields and solar storms have a strong effect on astral beings and increase paranormal activity. The geomagnetic field is the magnetic field observed in and around the earth. A geomagnetic storm is a worldwide disturbance of the earth’s magnetic field which has the capacity to increase ghost and spirit activity. Solar storms are caused by the sun creating solar flares that send charged particles to the earth, which causes a magnetic shift increasing the geomagnetic fields. With increased geomagnetic fields ghosts and spirits can utilise this energy and become more active and can more easily interact with our world.

Thunderstorms can also aid in the increase of paranormal activity. You certainly can appreciate the power involved in such an event, the very structure of your being shakes with the thunder claps, and you can literally see the electrical charge in the atmosphere. It is no surprise then, that this is a highly conducive time to experience paranormal phenomena. Obviously, there are drawbacks to this plan, because most of us don’t want to be standing exposed in the middle of a graveyard during a raging thunderstorm, but if you ever find yourself in a position to do some indoor ghost hunting during a good storm, chances are that you will achieve at least some semblance of success in these types of conditions.

The theory with thunderstorms is that the entity is able to draw from the electrically charged surroundings thus becoming more visible or detectable to you. Even if you can’t time a ghost hunt to coincide with a thunderstorm, it most definitely wouldn’t hurt to drag out the compass, digital camera, and whatever other ghost hunting equipment you have next time you are sitting at home during a strong storm. You may be surprised at the results.

As far as moon phases and the question of what phases are best for paranormal sightings, some investigators suggest that the full moon is by far the most conducive time to experience ghostly phenomena. There are many theories as to why this is, from the air being more saturated with positive ions, to the added gravitational pull on the earth and the tides.

The new moon is also conducive for experiencing paranormal phenomena; from a Shamanic perspective the dark moon is a period of time when one can walk between the worlds, a time when one can face the shadow self. The Dark Moon is a time of underworld journeys and it seems logical that ghosts would be more apparent at this time.

The equinoxes and solstices every year have been known through history to be very favorable to supernatural occurrences. These events are extremely important cosmically and it is no wonder that they are considered very powerful days in supernatural terms. It’s believed by many that the whole winter season is a very active time of the year for paranormal activity. The ancients believed that winter is a time when the veil between the worlds is thinner. This thinness of the veils allows the astral beings to penetrate the physical world much easier than in warmer periods. Halloween is a festival that exemplifies this belief.

In order to maximize the potential of a successful investigation all of the above ‘conditions’ need to be incorporated into your observations to see if there is a pattern that can be identified in increased activity of the paranormal. Cases will vary, of course, and even they may be dependent upon the susceptibility or sensitivity of given witnesses to observe a given manifestation; but such manifestations do frequently occur world wide and too much evidence is in existence to totally discredit their actual authenticity. So if you want to be a paranormal investigator, check out the weather conditions, grab your equipment and head off to a haunted location! It may prove very productive.