Perth, WA

“Remote Clearing” in WA

SOuL Searchers became aware of a situation in a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, where people were having trouble with what they called “a restless and angry spirit”. Our offer of help was accepted and they supplied us with the necessary details so we could attempt a remote clearing.

Summary of Activity

They told us they have lived in their home for about 6 years and have always been aware of the spirit. However, over time the spirit has become more open and restless. They no longer go near the shed at night for fear the spirit will show anger towards them and when the husband works there during the day he always shoves a screwdriver in the door track to keep it jammed open. They reported that the people who previously lived in the house used a Ouija board and they believed that was where the spirit came from.

Unexplained things were happening, such as tools moving on their own, bike frames hung from the shed bang violently together, and axle stands that had a car on them would move across the concrete. They also heard the sound of someone/thing being hung by a rope attached to the rafter in the shed and they sensed a really bad negative energy in the right-hand back corner of the shed which was constantly freezing cold even on a 48 degree C day. These things only used to happen at night but very recently started to increase in frequency and were now happening during the day as well. They said it felt like when they were out the back at night that they were being watched all the time by whoever/whatever was in that shed.


A ritual to tap into the problem was performed by the SOuL Searchers team in Sydney and then we worked on the entity psychically. We picked up on a male energy that was very frustrated and needed to be moved on. We called in guides and an angelic being to monitor the situation, and hopefully the problem was resolved.


We successfully managed to perform this clearing “remotely” from Sydney to Perth, shown by the response we received a few days later from our client who said…

Thank you, the mood in the shed has gone and ‘he’ no longer owns or is in the shed anymore. My husband and I deeply thank you. Hope to be able to stay in touch with you and able to learn how to do what you did myself if you are OK with that. Thank you again, Blessed Be