SOuL Searchers was asked to investigate a house in Roselands, by a lady who was experiencing some paranormal activity in her house.

Summary of Activity

The following activity has been occurring for approximately the last seven months. In approximately the same time frame, the client had asked the universe to bring her ability to see spirit to the same level as the rest of her psychic gifts. Previous to that request, she reports she had always been afraid to see things.

Every night at 9:59pm, the “fairy” lights flash. This continues on and off for up to 3 hours. In addition, the TV cabinet and coffee table creak. The client also reports seeing a shape, described as being something like a heat shimmer, materialising/manifesting next to the pot plant behind the front door. This is reported to occur at the same time as the lights begin to flash. The lights are also reported to flash again when the “spirit” approaches the TV cabinet. The creaking of the furniture is reported to coincide with the alleged spirit moving near the furniture.

The alleged spirit is reported to sometimes wander around the room and sometimes come right up to stand in front of where the client is sitting. She is aware of the visual phenomena (shimmer) primarily in her peripheral vision while she stays relaxed and watches the TV.

She reported that she could sometimes see the “footprints” of the spirit as it moved about. This effect was described as being footprints in the carpet as if someone was walking or as being energetic black spots like footprints.

She reports no feeling of threat from the phenomena, however until recently has mostly ignored it. Recent attempts to communicate have been unsuccessful.

The client also reported that she had recently begun to see a face manifest in light dots on the wall above the fairy lamps during this phenomena.

Friends of the client who were at the house on the night of SOuL Searchers’ first investigation confirmed that they had also seen the lights flashing but had not seen the visual phenomenon.

The client also reported that the two back rooms upstairs were places where she had never felt comfortable and that her young children would not sleep in the room, instead sleeping in her bed. On the night of the investigation, she identified a storage space off her bedroom (which would be located over the garage) as somewhere which had an uncomfortable feeling. This area was not investigated on the first night as the children were asleep in the bedroom.

Approximately two weeks after the first investigation the client contacted us saying…

The ghost is now turning on my TV equipment straight after I turn it off to go to bed. I am fed up with the whole situation and I need it to leave now. Please help me as it is upsetting me now. It also is able to show more of its body now.

The client reported at the second meeting that a similar flashing of lights occurred at a similar time when she was at a friend’s house, followed by the “energy” rising up from over the back of the computer monitor in front of her. She believes that the entity followed her to that location on that evening. She reported only one occurrence of this, and that this happened after she first met with us.

Older activity includes:

When she first moved in, she would hear people moving around in the upstairs area as well as in the kitchen and noises as if someone were going through her things or moving things around. A friend/acquaintance who runs Theta healing workshops told her that there were three (3) vortexes in the house and that he had closed them. After this, the noises stopped, although the uncomfortable feelings in the upstairs area remained and the children refused to sleep in the rooms, though they were quite happy to play there during the day.

The friends who were present on the night confirmed that they had also heard the noises in the kitchen on previous visits.

On the night of the first investigation, the client also said that, when she first moved into the house she would see things come into her bedroom while she was breastfeeding the youngest who was under 12 months old at the time. She was not comfortable with this and called on Archangel Michael to keep them out which appears to have been successful as she designated the bedroom as the one room of the house where there is no activity.


Baseline Readings & Observations

The lounge room contains a large selenite lamp (approx 2′ in height) to the left of the television and a similarly sized amethyst geode to the right. There is a large chunk of what appears to be blue calcite on the coffee table in the corner nearest the stairwell. There is a medium sized citrine cluster on the coffee table at the front wall end of the lounge. There is a 3 shelf cabinet containing a variety of crystals next to the TV cabinet.

There is a strong EMF field measured behind the TV. The meter box for the townhouse is located on the other side of that wall in the garage. A “fairy light” lamp sits at either side of the TV.

The right hand “fairy light” lamp has produces EMF readings in the order of 2.5+ milliGauss in the vertical plane at the base and in the order of 2 mG around some of the bulbs (but not all of them, some have no measurable field (ie < 1.5 mG) at all). Some of the bulbs have blown and been removed. It is possible the the bulbs with high EMF readings are degrading and moving towards failing. The readings around the base of the lamp are likely to be indicative of a poorly shielded or low quality transformer.

The left hand “fairy light” lamp produced similar EMF readings around the base.

There was a constant EMF field in the order of 2 mG measured against the wall behind the lounge rising to a sustained reading of 2.5+mG in some areas – particularly the point on the lounge where the client’s friends say she usually sits.

When resting the EMF meter on the arm of the lounge at a distance of 20-30cm from the back wall, an irregular pulse of EMF was detected. The level varied from 2 – 10mG, though mostly in the order of 1.5 – 2.5mG. The interval between pulses varied from a recorded 17 seconds to 1 minute 57 seconds and the length of the pulse varied from 1 to 5+ seconds. This pulsing is similar in length and interval to the flashing seen from the “fairy light” lamps after 10pm.


The semi-detached townhouse was of a very long, narrow design, with the only shared wall being between adjoining garages. Dowsing showed that there was a grid line running N/S along the length of the main hallway and another running parallel about 2.5m away which happened to run along the lounge (and across the bed in the main bedroom upstairs). A third parallel grid line ran through the garage, adjacent to the lounge room. The intersections of the N/S and E/W gridlines were detected and found to align with the places in the lounge room where the alleged paranormal manifestations were visible to the client, and also the position on the lounge where she sat to watch the TV. Interestingly, a higher reading on the EMF meter was also recorded at this same area. These intersections would be areas of higher energy, perhaps making it easier for something to manifest there, and in the case of the client sitting over one it could affect her perception of other energies in the room, but it is also generally accepted that such areas are to be avoided due to their detrimental effects on health and general well-being. (The client had also mentioned she’d developed a very bad asthma-like cough which she’d had for quite a few months.)

The grid line running the length of the garage also bisected the children’s bedroom upstairs. The N/S and E/W intersection point near the wardrobe corresponded with a vortex we detected in that room, and later closed on the first visit to the house. This vortex was in the same place that one had supposedly been closed down previously by a friend of the client. A couple of us also sensed a male presence in this room which seemed unrelated to any of the activities reported by the client in the downstairs area.

Séance & Meditation

On the night of the first investigation we conducted a séance using a Ouija board in the upstairs toy room. We received some information (though unsubstantiated) from and about entities supposedly present, along with impressions of men’s names and the idea that they were in the army together. One was possibly a previous owner of land in the area where the house now was. We concluded the séance, left the ouija board on the floor where we had been sitting and then all stood in a circle around it and requested that these spirits be crossed over. After a short time of sending out our intent everyone suddenly and momentarily lost balance and either leaned or stepped forward slightly, as we realised we had all just experienced the same strange feeling of falling forward into a spiralling vortex …a very odd sensation!

Later internet searches didn’t turn up any useful information regarding previous ownership of the land and it was too time-consuming to pursue any further. We also felt it was not relevant to the client’s problems as these spirits did not appear to be connected to the downstairs activities. The only connection with the army was that during late 1942 the US Army took over a 236 acre site located in the area between Canterbury Road, the East Hills Railway Line, Salt Pan Creek and Bonds Road. The largest military hospital in Australia was built on this site by the Australian Government under Reverse Lend-Lease for the 118th General Hospital. However, this area is a few kilometres away and is not in the same area as the client’s house. Whether there is any connection or not is purely conjecture.

At the second investigation we held a séance, once again with a Ouija board, but got no useful information. We then called for Guides to come and mediate and not long after, the board gave a response to, “What should we do now?” (or words to that effect) with a message, “Go home – Good bye”.

We also meditated and tried to “tap in” energetically to any spirits present. Even though the room was full of people with psychic sensitivities covering a whole spectrum of abilities and we had recording equipment set up to detect any anomalies, no one felt any presence or caught anything other than the lights flickering.

The EMF meters did not show any changes in readings that might indicate a paranormal presence. An EMF meter was held directly in front of the meter box in the garage and readings taken just before 9:59pm. When the power levels switched from peak power to off peak power at 9:59pm a change in reading was recorded on the EMF meter, along with a pulsing which matched the frequency of flashing of the fairy light lamps.

We concluded the investigation by conducting a banishing ritual in which the client actively took part, hoping that it will give her the confidence she needs to empower herself.

Digital Camera, Video and Audio Recordings

Nothing paranormal was captured in any of the video or audio recordings taken. A few photos show some orbs in the front of the house and the kitchen area. These may or may not be paranormal in origin.


We believe that the activity in the upstairs rooms was totally unrelated to the manifestations seen by the client downstairs. The vortex upstairs was closed, any spirits present were crossed over on our first investigation and the client seemed happy with the result.

We all agreed that the lounge room felt very “buzzy” or energetically noisy. It did improve when the power to the entertainment system was turned off, but none of us were able to “zone in” on any specific entity. The electromagnetic activity could be partly responsible for the client believing “something” was present, but we really can’t say for certain whether there is anything that is remotely of an earthbound nature. There is perhaps a possibility of poltergeist activity (activity of a person’s making – see Glossary) stemming from the family dynamics.

Our advice regarding the TV equipment was to turn it off at the powerpoint and even unplug it from the wall outlet rather than leaving it on standby. Unless the equipment was checked and serviced by a qualified technician to rule out any malfunctions we could not attribute paranormal activity as the cause of it switching on by itself.

We believe that the cause of the flickering fairy lights is most likely to be fluctuations in the power grid, due to switching over from peak power levels to offpeak power at the same time each night. Perhaps the flashing of the lights triggers the client to look (in a clairvoyant sense) for spirit activity where she may or may not be seeing something that might well be caused by the very high levels of unstable EMF in the room. There is no indication of activity from conscious spirit. The regularity of timing and of path would indicate that the most likely form of activity would be something residual from a former house on the same land. It is completely non-interactive and has not been seen by anyone but the client.

We provided some information about house protection methods, which will hopefully encourage the client, who is feeling disempowered by the activity in her house, to step up, take ownership of her house and set hard and fast rules about what she will permit. We also gave her some advice regarding personal energetic shielding, plus a list of Feng Shui remedies which could help improve the overall feel of the home.

We heard from the client again a couple of months later…

Just to update you, every time I see the spirit I just try to be ok with it. I turn off all the equipment at the power points so it cant turn them back on. The other night there was a lot of noise in my kitchen-dining room. I yelled at my son to go back to bed but he was asleep as it was very late. I got the courage to look and was so annoyed that I yelled very loudly to the noise makers to shut up and get out of my house. That’s progress for me as I am trying not to feel like a victim of these things.

I have a dog now and he looks at the visitor exactly where I can see it, so that makes me feel better also. I am trying to pluck up the courage to move to another suburb so I am very much a work in progress at the moment.

Please give my best wishes to everyone and have a great new year. I really appreciate all of yours and the groups energy and care, and it was really nice to get to know you. I will keep in touch. Bye now