The Death Walker’s Role in a Paranormal Investigation

by Janine Donnellan

A shaman is a conduit to the spirit world. The shaman’s world is one populated by spirits of ancestors, of plants and animals and of the other astral beings who share the physical world and the other realms of existence. Through will, the shaman journeys into the spirit worlds and returns, communicating needs and desires in both directions: walking between the worlds.

The paths into the Otherworld are not defined; through our own powers of perception we can use different routes, some may use traditional tools of trance or meditation or some will develop their own unique method to move through the worlds. Shamans working in a modern society where there is no clear surviving tradition to tap into must find new ways of building those bridges between the worlds. We may find threads of connection to our past, links to our ancestors, and traces of ideas that we can pick up from other systems.

The world of the modern shaman is dealing with a world that is continually changing. Not all of us are considered Shamans in the traditional sense but we can relate to situations in a shamanic way. Our role is to be the mediators between the physical and the spiritual worlds and to bridge the gap that remains between those worlds.

During a paranormal investigation the Death Walker is focused and totally aware of what is happening around him or her. The Death Walker needs to know the types of spirits that are encountered in the journey and be able to deal effectively with them.

The paranormal exist in the between world, that space that merges between the three worlds. Once the Death Walker moves into this space the spiritual energies take on a clearer perspective and the Death Walker should be able to communicate more effectively with astral beings. The Death Walker can guide the investigators to various areas where the paranormal activity is happening. The Death Walker can provide healing and also assist the grounded soul move into higher realms.