Rouse Hill

SOuL Searchers was contacted by a friend of a family who were experiencing paranormal disturbances in their home. The family lives in a 10 year old home in Rouse Hill on a new housing estate.

History of the Area

Rouse Hill is located approximately 40 kilometres northwest of the Sydney CBD in the Shire of Baulkham Hills. The original inhabitants of the Oatlands area were the Darug people. The Darug were the custodians of the majority of what is now the Greater Sydney region. They were divided into a number of different ‘clans’, whose quick demise upon European settlement has sadly resulted in very little information remaining on how the local area was utilised.

Rouse Hill is named after the estate of a free settler, Richard Rouse, who arrived in the colony in 1801. He was given a grant of 450 acres in 1816 at Vinegar Hill. Governor Macquarie suggested that the estate be called Rouse Hill. Historians believe this action was taken so the convict association with the area after the Battle of Vinegar Hill would be removed. The battle took place in 1804 between escaped Irish convicts and government-civilian troops. After the fighting, the area became known as Vinegar Hill after a site in County Wexford, Ireland, where Irish and English forces had clashed in 1798.

The Vinegar Hill Battle was the only successful large-scale convict rebellion in Australia’s colonial past. The New South Wales Corps had marched all night and most of the next morning from Sydney in order to catch the rebels outside of Rouse Hill. A short battle was fought which ended the rebellion and a total of 15 convicts were killed.

Rouse Hill forms a border between rural and urban landscapes. Although part of a major residential development, Rouse Hill still retains many open farmlands. The area also boasts Rouse Hill Regional Park and historic Rouse Hill Estate, which dates back to 1813.

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Summary of Activity

The friend who contacted SOuL Searchers on behalf of the family told us…

“They are being plagued and harassed by something which started when the woman was first pregnant with their oldest child, now 3 and a half. There are unexplained shadows of people on a wall which can’t receive shadows from anywhere, heavy panting and breathing about a meter from the mother, children being disturbed and frightened and other movements and voices. The husband appears to notice things but does not acknowledge anything. The wife is just so fed up that she would sell up and move to be rid of it but is frightened that whatever it is will come with them.

The oldest child has been playing with, and then scared by something which seems to exercise commands over who the child interacts with and what the child does. They also have a little dog which at times, responds to something in the home.

In desperation the wife paid for a clearance from a local psychic which was effective for about a week and then it all started again. It seems to come and go.

I tried to help and she had another week of peace. When I stood against the “shadow” wall I was covered in goose bumps and it seemed cold in that spot along the wall. Then the cold spot seemed to move to the dining area. It felt “bad”.

Now it is coming back in differing intrusive forms. We have searched books and the internet together for solutions and information and I’ve now found your site which seems to offer some hope for resolution.”


The client and her family will be staying overnight in a motel. Client will meet us at 9.00pm and do a walk through.


  • First up we will walk through the building noting any hot spots.
  • We will mark out the grids with the dowsing rods, noting any particular active lines or any ley lines.
  • We will then take temperature and EMF readings of each of the room.
  • We will be recording our impressions of the various rooms.
  • We will split up in twos and then each can spend time in a room to wait and see if there is any activity.
  • Once we have established what spirits are there we will send them over or banish them and then we will shut down any vortexes and then do a cleansing of the property.

Hopefully on the night we can permanently eliminate all activity.

Jenny’s impressions…

Front steps/porch – felt like a tunnel that could suck things into the house.

Entrance foyer – I didn’t feel anything in the entrance foyer, apart from noticing the very long lounge/dining room which was an extension of the “tunnel”.

Main bathroom felt ok.

Eldest child’s bedroom – I felt a very oppressive, heavy energy here – felt difficult to breath easily, plus had slight dizzy/headspin feeling – my usual reaction when “something” is present. Janine and I did a ‘vigil’ in there later. I got the very strong impression of the name ‘Sam’ – wasn’t sure at first whether it was short for Samuel or Samantha but the idea of ‘Samuel’ became stronger eventually. When asking if anyone was there and would they show us a sign of some sort, the house-owner’s dog came around to that side of the house and started barking a little bit outside the bedroom window and then started growling as if warning something/someone to stay away. At one point Janine thought I had touched her on the leg, but I hadn’t moved. Dowsing for grid lines showed there was possibly a crossover point of N/S & E/W lines in that room near the bed – a point of higher energy, perhaps making it easier for something to manifest there? Inside the wardrobe felt ‘heavy’ but not scary or threatening – also cooler than the rest of the room, even though the doors were open and it should have been the same temperature.

Toy room felt ok.

Baby’s room felt heavy and oppressive also – same physical reaction as in other bedroom with restricted breathing and head spins. The design of the house created a natural straight line pathway from the loungeroom/entrance area running straight through the baby’s room doorway and through the cot – bombarding the cot with energy (not good). This architecturally created energy channel also continued through the wall with a set of external garden stairs on the corner of the block which pointed up at the baby’s room, more or less in line with the inside ‘channel’. Dowsing later showed an E/W grid line along that exact channel which would possibly amplify the energy effect. The electric meter box was also on the outside of the wall at the head end of the cot – recommend moving the cot to the opposite wall for health/safety reasons (EM radiation form the meter box is detrimental to adult health, and even more so for a young baby) and to get the cot out of the ‘line of fire’ from the grid line and architectural corridor effect, and also out from under the ‘energy cutting’ effect of the ceiling fan.

Study/office also felt heavy and oppressive. Felt a slight, unexplained sense of foreboding in there – something just didn’t feel ‘right’ with that room.

Laundry felt mostly ok except near the window where I felt a slight spinning sensation (but no heaviness). Forgot to check with dowsing rods to see if there was actually a gridline crossover point there or not.

Master bedroom felt ok – just a little bit “spinny” on side of bed near painting/”shadow wall”. When I first walked in there I did hear something very briefly that sounded like breathing coming from the direction of the bed, on the opposite side near the clock on the bedside table, but it was so brief I can’t really be certain of what it was. Janine and I did a vigil in there also but didn’t feel, see or hear anything out of the ordinary.

Walk-in-robe – I had a feeling of being drawn to the back wall, just in front of the clothes. Dowsing rods showed later that N/S and E/W grid lines crossed at that point. Crossing of two grids lines is possibly a more likely place for a vortex. Substantiated by Jenni who dowsed independently in the WIR and got a similar result with her dowsing rods reacting very strangely in the same area, indicating an anomaly of some kind.

Ensuite and toilet seemed ok – didn’t notice anything “odd”.

Kitchen and family room were both ok. Crossover points of gridlines didn’t seem to correspond with any odd sensations.

Dining room and lounge room both felt ok. Only concerns there were bad Feng Shui issues of the tunnel effect due to the shape of the rooms and too many corners from dining table, side tables and coffee table directing ‘poison arrows’ making the rooms feel uncomfortable and not relaxing, but nothing paranormal as such.

Meditation – When we did our meditation to prepare for the ritual I again got the strong impression of the name Sam and this time saw a man and a young girl. The man was definitely Sam or Samuel and the girl was Sarah. I found out later that a ‘ghost-girl’ had told the eldest child of the client that her name was Sarah. I saw Sam as being around 50 to 60 years old in baggy, dark coloured trousers and dirty white/cream shirt torn and untucked, partly covered by a darker shirt or short coat. The girl – about 8 to 10 years old? – was wearing a dirty dark blue dress, hemline just below the knee, with a dirty white full length apron or pinafore over it. I also saw a small slab-board hut, very basic and primitive. I got the strong impression of poverty, struggle and suffering plus loneliness and isolation …no time period in particular but possibly late 1800’s or early 1900’s ??

Janine’s impressions…

Entrance foyer – I immediately felt an oppressive energy as I walked in through the front door. I felt sick in the solar plexus which is an indicator of a grounded spirit.

The owner took me on the initial walk through to show me the hot spots.

The study/office felt heavy and oppressive. There was a lot of activity happening in this room. The room is completely open with no doors, consisting of a large desk and computer but no filing cabinets or book shelves.

Eldest child’s bedroom – When I was first shown the room, I became aware of a spirit walking out of the closet, I couldn’t make out detail but I felt it was female. Again the energy was very oppressive, and I felt particularly sick in the stomach. Later on when Jenny and I did a vigil in there I was trying to communicate with the spirit I felt a warm hand on my knee, I asked Jenny if she had touched me and she said no. I seemed to be focusing on the wardrobe which felt like the main portal for the activity in this room.

Baby’s room – the owner did not feel any activity occurred in this room, however the room felt heavy and oppressive like the eldest child’s room.

Master bedroom – the owner reported that she often saw shadows/shadow people on the wall at night. She mentioned she was now sleeping with the bed lamp on. There was a feeling of activity but not on the same scale of the children’s rooms. Jenny and I did a vigil in there, the room was very dark with no visible light so we not sure how shadow figures could have been seen on the wall. During our vigil we didn’t feel, see or hear anything out of the ordinary.

Walk-in-robe – There was definitely a vortex in this room. It was quite strong and like a channel coming down from the manhole in the ceiling.

Laundry felt like there was a vortex near the window.

Kitchen and family room felt ok.

Dining room and lounge room felt ok.

Meditation – I had a sense of different layers and time periods. I felt a presence of a Caucasian male who poked his head out of the wall between Heather and myself. I also detected an aboriginal presence. There was also a sense of angst amongst the spirit occupants. They obviously were worried about being moved on.

Overview – The house was quite large but very sparingly furnished and decorated and did not seem to reflect the personality of the owners despite them living there for ten years. The owner had tried to claim this house from the spirits but with the house not reflecting her personality or ownership, the spirits had taken over.

Maria’s impressions…

House divided into sections: middle area (entrance hall, formal lounge, formal dining), right side (garage, computer, laundry, and main bedroom), kids’ area, and the family kitchen area. The energy didn’t flow it seemed to be trapped in those areas.

When first arrived before walking in, right side of the house felt a denser energy, garage, computer, laundry, and main bedroom.

House has lots of mirrors, so much can be seen when you look into reflective surfaces.

Lines of house very square dense cut of at points, no flowing shapes, and no softness to the house. Felt energy is consolidated in areas.

Main entrance foyer leading up to house, energy rushed in and straight down to the back of the house through the formal lounge and dinning area, hitting the feature water fountain out back, just outside the window and back again. It has nowhere else to go, bounce back affect, due to being blocked.

Dining room wall with mirror – found that there was energy seeping from it; it backs onto the main bedroom.

Main bedroom – there was a darkness on wall backing onto the walk-in, heavy energy on that side of room. ‘Someone’ on the bed, side with clock radio, on other side of bed the darkness just blended in together like that part of the bed did not exist.

Main bedroom walk-in wardrobe felt an energy hole, void. If stood there long enough would be either sucked into it or the pushed out. Also found that the void seemed to lead to another reality, not of this one.

Study/computer room a heavy energy, feeling unwell in the room. Unable to breath well in room, suffocating, sensation, no air flow. Later found was able to walk in, the table was a barrier for whomever worked in the room, and again more reflective surface. Later in meditation, that was where the aboriginals were holding their circle dance.

Eldest child’s room void in cupboard. Felt that if opened the doors that was letting the something in to the room. An invite.

Toy room felt a lighter energy sense of joy, fun, laughter.

Main bathroom, interesting smell, not sure incense or herb what came to mind was saffron. Other bathrooms no distinctive smell.

Baby’s room, cupboard an opening, invite darkness. The energy in the room didn’t move around. The air conditioning vent was a window for a look in and of course to come and go through. Outside bedroom in side garden area found that the electricity box was on the wall where the child’s head lay. There where stairs leading up to the baby’s room, the bathroom and the other child’s room. It’s in a walk through position.

When outside and looked out, house quite high in the street felt that there was energy flowing from the bush land just down the road, coming straight into the house. The house across the road was only half there, a very dense forest in front, animals in there. (Time zone, next time looked out the rest of the house was there.)

While outside an owl flew over to the light post just on other side of street. I mentioned Hecate come to visit.

Laundry felt that the energy flowed from the main bedroom.

Family kitchen area a much lighter feeling, believe that more family time spent there.

Meditation – Saw lots of lights, energy going past back and forth constantly, checking us out as such. Name, Sam. Aboriginal circle was being held, a story was being told by the one dancing in the circle, some nodding as if understanding; others just looked on. Elemental energy felt mainly earth and water, unbalanced. Felt noose, rope around neck. It was white and very thick; he took it with him, when calling them into the circle. I was told “this is mine” as he removed it from around my neck when walking into the circle. Lots of beings standing on the outside of circle, some walked in others not. Some of those who didn’t go, cannot be called into going, their place is here e.g. elementals.

Jenni’s impressions and Feng Shui based suggestions…

What I write is in accordance with what the clients wish to do, rather than what they must do. These are suggestions only. I base my writings also, on two possible scenarios. The first one is the assumption that the occupants will sell up and leave if there is still paranormal activity in the home.

The cot is in the corner of the bedroom. Immediately to the outer wall is a meter box, so the child’s head is exposed to electromagnetic energy. I would suggest the cot be moved to the opposite end of the room, swapping positions with a chest of drawers. We should keep in mind that the cot is best positioned adjacent to the door’s entrance, rather than facing straight on.

In the olden days, when the dead were removed from premises, the bodies were dragged out feet first. Therefore, it isn’t an auspicious position for any bed to face this way. Fortunately, the bedroom is large enough for the cot to be moved into a more favourable position.

There are a lot of glass tables around the house, giving off reflections and apart from the round dining table, they all have sharp corners. Night time travels during the dream state would put us in the situation that we would see our reflections and register shock, and abruptly wake up. If the owners agreed, could these be covered with cloths to soften the corners and cover the reflections?

With the second possible scenario in mind, this is what I would further recommend.

The occupants live on a corner block, and there appeared to be a lot of traffic. The house immediately across the road gives off a rather negative energy. A bagua mirror hung above the door outside would counteract the sudden rush of energy that would enter. Inside the home, there are many sharp corners, giving off secret – or poison – arrows. Those areas could be softened by bringing in live potted round-leafed plants, or crystals hung in strategic places.

The home seems to be divided into two distinct sets of energy. The main living areas and kitchen/dining give off a very light and floaty energy. The walls are rather bare of family photos and other such paraphernalia that makes a house a home. It’s like the house has never truly felt like a home. If they want it to be their home, a good place to start is by putting things in the house that give a clear message – a message that says, “This is our home.” This remedy would also allow the area to be more grounding and calming.

The second area gave off a heavier energy, due to the paranormal activity. Same remedy as given above in claiming their home, based on the clearing we’ve already done.

The glass desk is quite large, and gives off a rather defensive barrier. The person sitting behind the desk would be in a protective space, but it also gives the appearance of, “Don’t approach me.” There would be plenty of room for photos and other personal trinkets to be placed on the desk, to make it more welcoming and relaxing.

Digital Camera, Video and Audio Recordings

(Photos have not been shown here to maintain the client’s confidentiality.)

From Jenny… I took photos in all the rooms, before we did our clearing ritual, but nothing showed up, except for three orbs in a photo of the lounge/dining room, where we had set up a candle and were about to cast a circle. One orb was on the ceiling, near the kitchen/family room, one large orb in the archway through to the kitchen and one small orb on Maria’s knee. Maybe ‘they’ were curious and watching us? But the orbs aren’t spectacular in any way so maybe they were just dust rather than paranormal entities.

Janine told me later that she had a photo of the same room which also showed an orb in the archway to the kitchen/family room, so maybe there was something paranormal about that particular orb.

From Janine… I have been going through the audio taken on the night. So far I have picked up a couple of spirit voices. A male voice in the main bedroom, having a conversation with Jenny & I. The only words discernable are “beat me up”. There is also a female voice that says, ” I know”.


Eleven days later SOuL Searchers received the following feedback from the family friend…

The owner has not had any disturbances since your visit and I think she looks and sounds so much happier. It’s been a terrible burden, not to mention the lack of sleep that she was subjected to. I am just so appreciative of your help in this situation.

Then, 4 months later we received this message from the owner…

Janine & Team,

It’s been almost 4 months now since you came out to my home in Rouse Hill & I just wanted to give you an update on how things are travelling. Well, no surprises, everything has been very peaceful thanks to you & your team. I really don’t know how to thank you all, other than to say, if it wasn’t for yourself, your Team & my friend (who wrote the initial request for help) then I probably would have sold my home, out of sheer desperation. So a very big thank you to all involved, you really have made a very big difference to my family & I’m sure many other families too.

Warmest Regards