Summary of Activity

The client works for a cleaning company involved in crime scene cleanup, suicide etc and, due to strange sightings and feelings in her home, she was worried that one (or more) of the spirits had followed her home from her work.

The Investigation

Jenny’s Observations

Date: 5/12/2010
Time: Approx. 8:00pm onwards
Moon Phase: Waning – Dark Moon (one day before New Moon)
Investigators: Janine & Jenny

When Janine and I walked in I felt sightly uncomfortable in my solar plexus, and heart chakra. The hallway felt very uncomfortable and I had a tingly sensation in my hands (no obvious mundane cause for this at the time).

We went into the spare bedroom where the client said she wouldn’t go at night. Janine noticed something small move across floor and I felt warm spots in that part of the room. Janine thought it was the spirit of a dog or a cat and I got a very clear impression of white dog hair flashing into my mind. The client then told us she had the ashes of her two pet dogs stored in that room. They were both Papillons, which is a miniature breed of dog, and both were white and black. This certainly confirmed our impressions.

The EMF meter showed nothing unusual anywhere in the house. My dowsing rods showed a cross over of NS/EW grid lines in an area of the loungeroom where the client saw things (unexplained flickers of movement etc). Dowsing in the hallway showed what could have been an energy vortex – an extra “grid line” in the hallway between two normally spaced grid lines – in the same area where my hands felt tingly.

We did a séance in which we were told that the female ghost the client was particularly worried about had already crossed over. A male ghost called Spiro, who died when he was 56 years old, told us he was there (via the Ouja board). The client and her husband were quite surprised by this as they had a friend called Spiro who had died at 56 years old. However, the ghost told us the client did not know him when he was alive, so it supposedly wasn’t the same person.

We crossed over the ghost and closed down the vortex. I dowsed again to check that the vortex was no longer there and also noticed that my hands no longer tingled while I was in the hallway. We put up energetic protection around the premises.