History of the Area

Compiled by Jenny

The suburb of Oatley was established in 1903 and was named after James Oatley, who arrived in the NSW Colony as a convict on January 7th, 1815. He was a renowned watchmaker and clockmaker in Warwickshire England. He subsequently made the clock for the building now known as Hyde Park Barracks. James Oatley’s first grand of land was 470 acres in Snugborough Park, now known as Beverly Hills, and the next 300 acres he was given was at Oatley.

Oatley is notable as the terminus of the first railway electrification project in Sydney, which reached this station from Sydney Central in 1926. See also Oatley Timeline.


Summary of Activity

The first thing the client noticed was the feeling of being watched. The client regularly hears laughing but no-one is there. Then the dog has started howling but takes on a human voice. Banging on the door from the inside, plus scratching sounds have been heard. The client’s son has heard voices and when he asks them what they want the response is,”Come here”. There is a heavy, oppressive feeling in one area, and there are warm and cold areas in the house which were noticed especially when the clients were renovating the house, which was also when the disturbances first started, about 17 months ago. Their animals are aware of something and their behaviour is unusual. A visitor to the home has also witnessed some of these disturbances. The clients have experienced some of these things in previous homes they have lived in and at other locations.


Date: 02/09/2011
Time: approx. 8:00pm onwards
Moon Phase: Waxing Moon (25% of full) in Scorpio
Solar X-rays: Active
Geomagnetic Field: Quiet
Weather: Partly cloudy. Winds S and light.
Investigators: Janine, Steve, Wayne & Jenny

Jenny’s Observations

On arrival we sat down and discussed the case with the clients, then we took baseline readings throughout the whole house with our equipment as well as psychically sensing the energy. I noticed one room in particular, the daughter’s bedroom, felt very uncomfortable. I felt a sensation of vertigo upon entering the room and noticed a heavy, oppressive feeling which got worse towards the far end of the room, where I also started to feel very headachy as the vertigo got worse. This feeling subsided when I moved away from that end of the room. The bed was also in this part of the room and the dowsing rods showed a N/S – E/W gridline intersection on the head of the bed, making it a ‘high energy’ area which could be uncomfortable to sleep in and was probably not a healthy area to stay in for any length of time. My impression that this end of the room felt the worst was confirmed by Janine, Steve and Wayne and later by the client, who also said that her young daughter was too scared to go into her room after dark and would not sleep there.

We all had various experiences during the investigation, which included the sensation of being touched, or seeing movement even though nobody was there, or being aware of a presence. At one point Janine was convinced I had followed her into another room and was talking to ‘me’ for a while before she realised I wasn’t there. She said she’d had a very strong feeling of a woman in there with her, who was about my size, and naturally she assumed it to be me.

The hallway directly outside the bedrooms also felt heavy and oppressive. The bathroom felt different, but in a good way. I felt the vertigo thing in there too but the energy was lighter and uplifting, as if it was drawing me up towards the ceiling. Wayne also noticed and confirmed this weird sensation. I didn’t notice anything unusual about the other rooms.

We did a vigil in the daughter’s bedroom but didn’t get any direct responses to our questions, that we were aware of (video and audio recordings are still to be analyzed). We did get a few psychic impressions. Janine picked up on the name Evelyn, I got an impression of a white-haired man called Harold, wearing a pair of thin metal-rimmed glasses. Steve got a very sad and emotional impression of an old woman who was the original owner of the house, waving her walking stick in dismay at what had been done to her beloved house. (The current owners have done extensive renovations and have turned the original living area into bedrooms and vice versa.) Although our psychic impressions could be dismissed as pure imagination, the clients confirmed that Evelyn was indeed a family member who has passed, and they all felt the name Harold was very familiar although they couldn’t quite remember exactly where he fitted into the family tree. Further research by them might confirm the Harold connection. Unfortunately the clients do not know the history of previous owners of their house.

We performed the clearing ritual in the hallway outside the bedroom. The others experienced a pulling/pushing sensation and a rush of energy going past them, while I just felt nauseous for an instant.

We finished with an energetic cleansing using the usual sage smudge stick, my large bell and a water based spray containing salt and lavender essential oil.

Steve’s Observations

This was an interesting investigation. The whole family had felt and heard many unexplained things. The son especially seemed very sensitive and clairaudiant. My impressions on the walk round were that the young daughter’s bedroom had the “worst” energy. I felt an energy moving from that room into the area immediately outside in the hallway. The house had been renovated and a fireplace next to the young girls bed had been walled over. During the vigil in this room I became almost emotional; I had a psychic impression of an old lady waving her stick at me and saying, “Look what they have done to my house”.

Jenny observed the position of ley lines and we decided it was in the child’s best interest to move the furniture around. A thorough cleansing was performed. As of the time of this report I have not captured any audio or pictorial evidence.

Janine’s Observations

Before leaving for the investigation I pulled a tarot card to see what the main explanation was for the paranormal activity happening at this house. The card I selected was the six of cups which relates to nostalgia and the home which is the symbol of comfort and security. I immediately realised it was about the previous occupant not wanting to let go of ownership of this property.

When we were sitting at the dining table discussing the paranormal activity with the current owners I had felt someone touching my hand to let me know that the spirit was present. I had a distinct impression that there was a combination of residual and active haunting happening at the house. Most of the footsteps and knocking heard during the night was due to residual energy. The active haunting appeared to intensify once the house had been renovated.

I detected strong spirit presence in the hall way leading from the front door. The daughter’s room appeared to be the room where most of the activity was happening, particularly at the end of the room near the bedhead.

When conducting the walk through with my equipment I experience a paranormal event. I was walking into the main bedroom and I thought Jenny was walking with me as I detected a presence with me that was similar to Jenny’s persona. I was discussing the energy of the room and as I turned to get Jenny’s feedback I realised she was in another part of the house.

When we were conducting the vigil I distinctly got two names, the first was Evelyn and the next was Eileen. I also felt that the spirit that was still in the house was a woman who had a strong attachment to the house. On mentioning the names to the owner it turns out that Evelyn was her grandmother which is rather interesting that I picked up on that name.

When conducting the clearing ceremony I immediately felt a pulling sensation that indicated that there were spirits that had come through to cross over.