Dowsing with L-Rods

Mention the word “dowsing” and most think of someone holding a forked hickory branch to find water for well digging. In reality, there’s no limit to the kind and amount of information that can be dowsed. Dowsing, also called “Radiesthesia,” a term introduced in the 1920’s meaning “sensitivity to radiation,” is an excellent skill to flex your psychic muscle because it uses your own intuition to work.

The earliest known use of dowsing shows a forked dowsing rod being used to find water and minerals in a Bas Relief in China from approximately 2200 B.C.E. Dowsing rods are also found in ancient archives of every European country as early as the 5th century B.C.E. Curiously, a very famous incident involves a dowser in France in 1630 who walked the streets of Lyon following his L-rods to eventually find a man who had murdered two people, probably sceptics!

Dowsing lost popularity for a few centuries due to the superstitions of the religious practices of the day, but it has now made a comeback. In both World Wars and the Vietnam War, dowsers were trained by the military to find landmines, ammunitions, secret tunnels, and enemy hiding places. Dowsing can be used for both practical and more esoteric purposes and continues to grow in popularity inasmuch as most people can learn to dowse — it’s simply a question of giving it a try — and the experience can be life changing.

Everyone is capable of intuitively sensing the subtle forces and energies of earth’s vibration and subconscious thought. Divining rods are simply a tool to interpret these forces and energies and bring them to the surface of conscious awareness. Today, dowsing is often used for more sophisticated and complex tasks than just finding water. Information regarding future events, health questions, decision making are found by dowsing with L-Rods. By asking questions in a yes/no format and connecting to your inner self, higher self, spirit guides, universal mind, or what ever your belief system depicts as intuition, you can gather any information not readily available to the conscious mind. To fully understand how dowsing works, you just have to experience it.

L-rods can be any size, and are usually made with a 3 to 1 ratio for balance. Natural materials such as wood, copper, or brass seem to work best with novice dowsers; however, some people have good results with L-rods made of plastic or even coat hangers. While custom made L-rods make dowsing a little easier, remember that it your intuition, not the rod that is the indicator to the questions asked.

To dowse with L-rods, begin by finding a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Pick up and hold the L-rods straight out in front of you in a comfortable position. Make sure you aren’t holding them in a way that will prevent them from swinging easily. Hold the L-rods at least 6 inches apart, but no wider than shoulder width apart. You may wish to hold your elbows in next to your body for more support. Keep your grip loose and the rods parallel to the floor. Point the rods slightly down at a 5% degree angle. Now, relax and take a deep breath. Begin by “talking” to the rods as if you are talking to your spiritual guides. The first thing you need to do is establish what a “yes” answer looks like by saying, “Show me a yes”. Most people get the L-rods to cross, but if the rods want to be wide open for yes, it’s OK. Just make sure you always get the same response for a yes answer. Once the L-rods are programmed for a “yes,” you are ready to program them for a “no.” Repeat the exercise with “Show me a no.” Your intent expressed in the yes/no question will cause the rods to respond with an answer.

At first, results may be inconsistent, but practice, practice, practice will help you to get accurate results consistently. It may be helpful to set some time aside each day for a few minutes of practice. If you do not accomplish getting good results in 15 minutes, try again the next day. Don’t give up! Remember to relax. By achieving an alpha state, you are more likely to have a high-quality connection to your higher self. You may wish to place a target on the floor — a piece of paper will do — and tell the rods to cross when your feet are over the target. Don’t look down! Keeping your eyes slightly ahead of the rods, move forward slowly and stop when you see the rods cross. Practicing with a target also helps you to raise your vibration and increase intuition.

When dowsing, the question and how it asked is very important. There are no rules, except one: don’t ask the same question twice. After you get the rods to show you a yes/no answer, you are ready to dowse. Begin with these three questions, “May I dowse for (fill in the blank),” “Can I dowse for (fill in the blank),” and “Should I dowse for (fill in the blank).”

By asking “May I,” you are asking if you have appropriate permission to proceed and be involved.

“Can I?” clears your ability to successfully dowse and lets you know if you are ready for the questioning.

“Should I?” gives appropriate, proper and suitable permission to dowse.

If you do not get “yes” answers for all three questions, do not proceed with the dowsing because results will not be accurate. When you are finished for the day, remember to end the session with “End of Dowsing, thank you.”

Be very specific when asking questions. Make sure they can be answered with a yes or no response, and that you are not asking a question with words that have multiple meanings. Remember, dowsing takes all question by its literal meaning. If your question has a word that has a conflicting meaning, your answer will also be conflicting. To get precise answers, ask multiple questions regarding the problem and remember to look at each word’s literal meaning. If you feel you are not getting exact answers, you may wish to rephrase the questioning.

Divining with L-rods is simple and a good way to experience your intuitive gifts. Whether you have a practical or adventurous application in mind, by having a clear intent and precise questions, you can dowse just about any situation, place, or person. Relax, breathe deeply, and tune into your “hunch” feelings, and practice religiously for guaranteed magical, mystical results using your L-rods.