Summary of Activity

Two people in the house have seen a female and a child appartition. There is a lot of uneasy energy in the hallway. Also in the garage. Other occurrences have been lights flickering, muffled voices, slapping on the arm, entity hugging and kissing sleeping persons and saying, “I love you”, toys played with, frequent footsteps around the house and nobody there etc.

The Investigation

Date: 20/05/2011
Time: Approx. 8:30pm onwards
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous Moon in Capricorn

The house is located at the bottom of a gully with the Woronora Cemetery at the top. The five SOuL Searchers team members who attended this investigation felt that the topography of the land combined with the proximity to the cemetery could be a major cause of the paranormal activity. They sensed many, many spirits when it came time to do the crossing over and everyone felt as if they were being pulled forward to the centre of the circle they were standing in when they crossed over the spirits – akin to being sucked into a vortex. We have found this sensation to be a common occurrence when crossing spirits over but this instance was felt particularly strongly.


A message from the client one month later…

Hi Janine

My family and I would like to thank you and your team for your assistance. We really appreciated your help.

After you left, my parents said that the ceiling lights in their room were going haywire. Their room was the main source of activity. They had never seen them flickering in such a way. That was the last major incident.

Since then it has been quiet. Nobody has reported any paranormal activity. Occasionally the ceiling lights in my room will flicker – three times since your visit, which is unusual because prior to your visit, my ceiling lights never flickered, it had always been the lamp on the side table. The lamp, however, has been still. There have been no more visitations, no more noises such as scratching in the walls, or music playing, no more voices, and no moving of toys.

I burnt white sage to cleanse the house about 2 weeks after your visit and that made the house seem lighter. On Wednesday during the full moon I cleansed the crystals in sea water. My dad walks daily through the cemetery and he has started cleansing himself after the walks. I also cleanse myself after working at the hospital as there have been reports of ghost children crying/screaming in the wards there. Now the crystals have been cleaned I will be making the salt water/quartz mixture to spray around the house, I also plan to use white sage on a regular basis.