Cronulla South

Summary of Activity

The client has had a lot of paranormal activities in her house for quite some time, mostly in the master bedroom, for the 13 years that she and her husband have lived there. She says she has learnt to live with it until recently when they decided to sell the house (they had the house on the market when they contacted SOuL Searchers).

She reported that a cupboard above the wardrobe in the main bedroom bangs constantly, even when the weather is calm and there is no wind. She feels this could be paranormal.

The client says she astral travels and is also prone to sleep paralysis. She feels she has proof that these experiences are not all dreams. She sees other spirits in her bedroom and at one time saw a child in her room eating an ice cream.

On 23rd Sept 2010 (the night that prompted her to contact SOuL Searchers) she went to bed around 10:40 pm and took awhile to get to sleep – but finally did.

“My inner eye was opened and a dark shadow leaped from my side of the bed over me and into my husband’s body! I yelled out ‘F**k!’ – I couldn’t see any facial features or colours. But I knew it was a young male and he was taunting me – he knew I’d be looking at him. My husband woke me up and he was exactly in the same position as in my dream. He felt a gush of cold air around him and he was cold. My heart was palpitating so fast and I was sweating profusely! The image was so vivid!”

The client immediately contacted a close friend who put her in contact with another person who gave her SOuL Searchers’ contact details. The client also adds…

“I’m at my wit’s end. I have smudged our house – myself and my husband twice, burnt lavender oil every night, have recently bought Tiger’s eye stones, black Tourmaline stones and placed them around our bed. And I’m wearing a Pentagram pendant which I bought today – all under the advice of my friend. Another friend said that the spirit might be attached to me and doesn’t want us to sell the house.”

The client told us that many weird things happened in the lead up to listing their house on the market so she started a journal to record all the things that happened, more for her benefit, as she says, as reassurance that she was not going crazy. she was eager to hear our thoughts on these matter and to receive any advice we could give as they felt the sale of their house was being blocked ‘energetically’.

The Investigation

Jenny’s Observations

Date: 9/10/2010
New Moon – 3% waxing in Scorpio
Solar X-rays – Normal
Geomagnetic field – Quiet
Time – approx 9pm onwards

I entered the house, which felt ok downstairs, but upstairs had a different energy which made me feel a bit light headed. The spare bedroom (used as a storage room) felt very ‘wrong’ and made me feel like the room was spinning around me (like the rotating house at Luna Park!). The master bedroom felt a bit uncomfortable, but the other rooms (daughter’s and son’s rooms plus two other spare rooms/studies and two bathrooms) all felt ‘normal’.

I used my dowsing rods to find grid lines. A N/S line ran through the master bedroom doorway across the lounge-room and through the surfboard room doorway. E/W lines crossed this line right near each doorway forming a vortex in each spot. Two other crossover points were at either side of the loungeroom at the beginning of each small hallway to the other bedrooms.

I noticed that the far side of the bed (away from the door) had a grid line cross-over point right at about throat/chest level. The N/S line cut across the bottom edge of the pillows on the bed and the E/W line ran down the length of the bed, more or less down the length of the client’s body as she sleeps on the far side of the bed – it could be having an effect on her astral travelling. (I picked up the other ends of this same E/W line in the daughter’s bedroom and the spare room behind her’s.) To avoid the parents’ bed being crossed by any grid lines it would have to be positioned in the middle of the room, like an island, but of course this is not practical.

During the seance, when the client mentioned the name of a young man she once knew, who was killed by a train, I got an image of a young man of twenty-something with curly blonde hair, wearing a white t-shirt. When she described the dark shadow jumping over her and going into her husband I saw the same blonde curly hair. She said she’d had a crush on this young man many years ago and I got the impression that the dark shadow jumping over her may have been him, or that she thought it was him. I felt this spirit definitely had a strong connection with her. She confirmed that this young man from her past resembled my description and the approximate age of the ‘spirit image’ I had seen in my mind. There was also a a family connection with previous ownership of this house, and the client and the young man she mentioned used to spend time here with other friends and family many years ago.

I took 10 photos throughout the house but only 2 showed a few very insignificant orbs.

Janine’s Observations

The lower floor of the house felt normal; however, the upstairs had a completely different feel. The master bedroom’s energy was quite heavy and the spare room directly opposite felt quite oppressive. It appeared that the rooms which form part of a later addition were the main areas of concern. All other bedrooms and bathrooms were fine.

When we conducted the séance, I had a distinct impression of a male energy standing next to me. I also had an impression of other spirits being in the house. The client is quiet psychic and when she astral travels in her sleep she has a tendency to bring back astral stuff with her. A possible spirit in the house could be a young man that she knew in high school and who was killed in a train accident many years ago. There may be a subconscious connection or attachment between the client and the spirit and he could be the dark shadow person she sees on a regular basis.

I was aware of a spirit who had his hand on my shoulder during the clearing process; it is difficult to say at this stage whether the clearing was successful. I am sure if the client practices closing down her chakras each night then her paranormal experiences should lessen over time. I also recommended that she attend regular meditation classes to help ground herself and also to control her astral journeys.

One interesting event occurred when I was about to drive away after the investigation; a spirit of a young man coming out from the house ran in front of my car. He was a male in his twenties wearing black clothes and had blonde wavy hair. Not sure whether he was leaving or showing me that he was still present in the house.

Zoe’s Observations

I got the feeling the investigation was more to do with the client than the house. I think she needs to start protecting and really “grounding” herself on a regular ongoing basis, but a little house clearing won’t hurt either. I listened to the audio recording and heard some faint “clicking” sounds on and off in the background which was interesting and I got x2 knocks after I asked but it only happened on the one occasion. My feeling is that the key lies with the client.

Heather’s Observations

When we first arrived I didn’t get anything, I didn’t walk around much upstairs as I thought talking to the client may give me a bit of insight. It wasn’t until we got the Ouija board out that I started to feel some strong emotions. The ‘window’ was open and that was enough for me to connect. The sadness I felt came before the client spoke about the young man who was killed on the train tracks, after she mentioned this it was as if a floodgate of emotions was let loose in my head by way of pictures. The feeling I got was one of despair and of not being validated as a person. When the client said the young man had been adopted it fell into place, that the house was where he was happiest and he wanted so badly to be back there through her and she has facilitated this, albeit unconsciously.


On October 11th Janine had some feedback from the client saying she was very happy with our clearing. She had been having difficulty sleeping over the past couple of days but that was probably due to the shift in energy. She hasn’t had any visits from her shadow spirit so far and she is making sure her chakras are closed when she goes to bed.

One month later, we received this message from the client…

“Just wanted to let you know that all paranormal activities have stopped in our house. The cupboard bangs less and less now. I haven’t seen the shadow or felt any presence in our bedroom. The sale of our house had a few hiccups at the beginning, but it looks like things are moving along nicely and we anticipate a sale soon. Thank you and the SOuL Searcher’s group for taking the time to come out and helping me with the spirit world.”