Summary of Activity

The client (widow for 10 years) has been experiencing problems for the last six months or so. The first thing she noticed was when trying to go to sleep one night she felt a slight push on the bed as if somebody had lain down (but no-one was there). Her son and daughter-in-law share the same house, and the daughter-in-law (d-i-l) has had similar experiences in their bedroom. The d-i-l heard the door open/close and thought it was her husband and turned around to hug him, but nobody was there. Then on Saturday 26th June the d-i-l was on her own in the house and felt somebody lie on the bed, touch her shoulder and press against her. A man’s voice whispered, “(Name), you find this very strange don’t you?” She didn’t sleep until 3am and was totally terrified and won’t stay there alone any more. This has only happened in the evening and only to the two women in their bedrooms. The client started taking her cats to bed with her to calm her nerves and found it didn’t seem to happen if the cats were on the bed.

The Investigation

Date: 05/08/2011
Time: approx. 8:00pm onwards
Moon Phase: 40% of Full – waxing, approaching 1st Quarter in Libra, moving to Scorpio approx. 10pm
Solar X-rays: Active
Geomagnetic Field: Storm!
Investigators: Janine, Steve, Wayne & Heather

Steve’s Observations

This interesting investigation involved a mother and daughter in law who had felt a presence getting into bed with them. Footsteps and voices had also been heard.

From a personal perspective I was thrilled to feel the residual energy of a fall outside the bathroom. This was confirmed by the family. Janine had also felt an energy in the same area. Heather was brave enough to lie on the bed in the dark to try and provoke a response. Data thus far has not revealed anything.