Summary of Activity

The client and her daughter report seeing shadow people, feeling negative energy in multiple rooms of the house and poltergeist activity such as when 3 books fell out of the bookshelf onto the floor for no apparent reason and the knob on a light switch suddenly flew off. The mother has only been aware of these disturbances for the last six months or so but the teenaged daughter has been aware of them since they moved into the house, over one and a half years ago.

Friends who have stayed over have been awoken by someone touching them in their sleep, and have also seen things and been very frightened as a result.

Aggressive, heavy breathing has been heard in a bedroom when no-one else was there. When they have smudged the house to try to clear the area themselves they have heard a girl laughing at them.

The daughter especially, is having trouble sleeping due to hearing things and seeing apparitions of people and is exhausted. The night before the SOuL Searchers investigation she had a conversation with a spirit who told her he was scared he was going to get hurt but he wants to go to be with his family. He appeared to be a convict in shackles, with black arrows on his shirt.


Date: 10/08/2011
Time: approx. 8:00pm onwards
Moon Phase: 88% of Full – waxing gibbous moon in Capricorn
Solar X-rays: X-class Flare! downgraded to Active by evening
Geomagnetic Field: Quiet
Investigators: Janine, Jenny & Wayne

Jenny’s Observations

When we entered the house I felt very “unsettled” in the lounge room — something didn’t feel right, and this was confirmed by Janine and Wayne.

I went through the house with my dowsing rods, mentally marking out and taking note of where the earth (Hartmann) gridlines ran through the property. There was a crossover point (and therefore possible vortex) of N/S with E/W lines near the foot of the daughter’s bed in the very spot where she had seen an apparition.

Other possible vortices I found in the house also seemed to correspond with where apparitions had been seen. One such area was in the loungeroom, close to the TV and therefore possibly enhanced by the EMFs generated by the electrical equipment there. While we were investigating the client said she saw a person standing there between Janine & Wayne, right as I walked past with my dowsing rods crossing each other at that point (indicating the presence of an “energy”).

Of the three bedrooms one stood out as having a really heavy, dense atmosphere and I felt quite nauseous and had difficulty breathing easily in there — my usual indication that “something” is present — and this was confirmed by Janine & Wayne who felt similarly. The male who usually sleeps in there (who was not present on this night) has apparently been oblivious to all alleged paranormal disturbances experienced by the two females in the house, including the general uneasy, oppressive sensation that everyone else felt when we entered his room.

The bathroom/laundry also made me feel very uneasy and dizzy or off-balance. Dowsing showed there was another possible vortex right in the middle of the tiny room.

As we were preparing to do a vigil in the lounge room, both EMF meters suddenly lit up, with no “normal” explanation as they were both near the middle of the room away from any electrical equipment. We then turned off all the lights, lit a candle and waited for a little while before Janine asked if there were any spirits present. Both EMF meters lit up again at the same time and the candle flame flickered violently for an instant, almost going out, before settling again. There was no discernible source of wind/air movement in the room to cause the candle to react as it did as we had all been sitting still for a few minutes beforehand to allow the air currents to settle, and once again, the EMF meters were nowhere near any electrical equipment of wiring.

We did our ritual to send any spirits over then Wayne smudged every room with sage, I cleared the energy with sound from a large bell and Janine sprayed a fine mist of water, salt & lavender oil, all of which would clear any residual stagnant energy and provide protection.

I also used the bell to energetically cleanse the client and her daughter, something I don’t usually do but felt was necessary this time, and they both said how much better they felt afterward.

We also advised the client to remove the quartz crystal from her bedroom as quartz is an energy amplifier and could be making things worse, rather than helping as the client had mistakenly thought. We suggested black stones, such as black tourmaline, would be more helpful as they would absorb any ‘negative’ energy.


By the time we left they were both feeling much happier, relaxed and confident that a change for the better had taken place in their home and were looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep for the first time in a while.