Summary of Activity

In the first week of January SOuL Searchers was contacted by a lady who lives in Cronulla who wanted to have a clearing organised for her unit. Her 3 year old son was constantly having night terrors and was claiming to see the lady’s dead father and angels. She said that she felt that the unit didn’t feel comfortable to live in.


Janine’s impressions…

Jenny & I conducted the investigation on Thursday 7th January at 11.00am. The unit was a small 2 bedroom place built in the 1950s.

On entering the unit I immediately felt an energy that I associate with active paranormal activity. My solar plexus was immediately feeling uncomfortable, which is my initial indicator that something paranormal is happening.

The woman gave us a brief history of the night terrors the child had been experiencing. The child was at preschool at the time we conducted the investigation.

The child slept in a cot in the parent’s bedroom and the woman’s sister slept in the second bedroom. The woman had stated that the place that she felt most uncomfortable was in the hall which was between the two bedrooms and the bathroom.

Jenny had her dowsing rods with her and started marking out the grid lines in the apartment. I went through the apartment and energetically detected where the hot spots were which matched with the marking out of the grid lines. The area in the hall was the point that the grid lines seem to converge. There was also a vortex detected in the bathroom.

On entering the parent’s room I immediately started feeling sick in the stomach. At that point it was decided to close the vortex in the bathroom and do a cyclonic cleansing of the apartment. I placed a barrier of protection around the child’s cot and also I called in a guide to give protection to the child.

Jenny’s impressions…

When I went into the apartment I didn’t notice anything until I stepped into the tiny hallway (a small space surrounded by 4 doorways) and I felt a slightly light-headed, spinning sensation which is my usual paranormal indicator. This feeling subsided when I stepped into the second bedroom; I couldn’t feel anything unusual in there. The bathroom also felt uncomfortable/spinning as did the main bedroom, but the kitchen and lounge room were fine, even in the spots where I detected grid lines intersecting.

My dowsing showed there was a grid line running through the bathroom, across the hallway and into the main bedroom, with a second approx. 2.5 metres away running parallel to it in the lounge room and a third running parallel to it near the far wall of the second bedroom. I detected three more grid lines crossing at right-angles to the first 3. There was a grid line intersection in the end of the bathroom where we felt there was a vortex, another intersection in the hallway, right in the middle of the 4 doorways which felt extremely uncomfortable, and another in the main bedroom near the end of the double bed towards the child’s cot, an area which felt “weird” to me as well.

I felt the main problem area was along the grid line from the bathroom, through the hallway, into the main bedroom as it was also a major traffic area in the unit, with members of the household constantly walking through it and spending their combined time in that area probably more often than any other part of the apartment and possibly adding more of their own energy to that grid intersection area, making it a good place for any entity to “feed” from or hang around in …just my initial impressions, or gut feelings.

I did an energetic cleansing of these areas and put up a protection barrier in the bathroom (after we closed the vortex), the hallway and the main bedroom, concentrating on the area around the child’s cot.


When we completed the investigation we left it open for the woman to call us if the child was still having problems. Not hearing from her Janine phoned her approximately 3 weeks later and she said that since the cleansing her son has not had any night terrors and the apartment felt great.