Janine’s Observations

Date: 22/07/2011
Time: Approx. 8:00pm onwards
Moon Phase: Last Quarter Waning Moon in Aries
Weather: wet

It was obvious on first meeting the couple they were under some considerable stress. Their 18 month old baby was experiencing violent night terrors and the wife had been experiencing paranormal activity. On conducting the initial walk through I noticed that there was a build up of energy in the family room coming from the garage. Whilst in the garage Wayne and I heard foot steps directly in the room above us. There was no one up stairs at the time.

Additional hotspots were the spare room, the parent’s room, baby’s room and particularly the study. I found that the study had a high level of paranormal energy, so much so that in walking into the room it felt like being punched in the stomach.

It was decided to do a crossing over ceremony in the study. During the ceremony instead of getting that sucked in sensation when souls are crossing into the light, this time it felt like we were being pushed out. The temperature of the room became quite hot.

A cleansing was then done and I called in the Watchers to guard and protect the baby. I would like to go back another day to do a more comprehensive space clearing when the child is awake.

Steve’s Observations

This investigation was interesting in that all the team had personal experiences. Myself and Heather both felt sadness to the point of crying. As a person not given to crying easily this was most unexpected. In addition to this the family dog had a sadness I have rarely witnessed in what was obviously a loved animal.

During the initial walk round Janine and Wayne heard footsteps while they were in the garage. These were above them and came from the upstairs room the baby once occupied. I witnessed the same phenomena when I was in the garage.

During the crossover vigil Janine and Wayne both felt a force pushing outwards from the circle. Unusual in as much as they are usually pulled forward at the time of crossover.

The family had experienced all sorts of electrical phenomena that they could not explain. I had a personal experience when I returned home and found that my cb radios that are locked onto a private frequency had reset themselves to different settings.

The child in the house that is subject to night terrors is ongoing and hopefully the family gain some peace from what we have done. However, returning when the child is awake to do a more thorough cleanse in the house would be good.


(By Steve – Case Manager) I am pleased to say that while following up with the client she reported that the infant’s night terrors had all but gone. She was so thankful to the team for their efforts. She knows she is free to contact us in the future and I know that we plan to return during daylight to conduct a more thorough cleansing without fear of disturbing the child.

The evidence continues to be reviewed.

Update from the client (8/8/2011 – over two weeks later):

Hi Steve,

Just thought I would give you an update.

All was going really well, then my son got sick so night terrors came back, but now he is better, no night terrors. It’s been great. And we cant hear any foot steps, and I have not had any strange feelings in the house.

Interesting thing is, since you guys have been, the dog now likes to come up through the night and I often find him asleep next to my son’s cot which he has never done before.

Thanks again for your help.