Summary of Activity

(Provided by the client)

The client contacted SOuL.S.P.I. regarding possible paranormal activity in their rented Victorian terrace house in Woolloomooloo.

“Things stopped for a little while and just as I was thinking things hadn’t happened for a few months we’ve had activity again.

In 5 months this has happened:

  • When I first moved in, lights all blew at once. Housemate almost got electrocuted from one of the power switches. Things blow up all the time. (This may be due to excess power but I thought I’d add it in.)
  • Lights switch themselves on and off
  • Warm spots in one spot in the hallway near the bathroom
  • Doors opening and closing in the kitchen with no wind
  • Doors opening and closing in one of the bedrooms
  • Appliances turning themselves on. I was in the kitchen talking about all the paranormal activity then the radio switches itself on. I turn it off, then it turns itself back on again.
  • Bathroom doors are continuously open
  • Animals get spooked out
  • Door was open once near the kitchen. Had a strong scent of perfume come from outside. Door shuts. It was a unique perfume of oriental and fruity scents.
  • Feeling of being watched continuously in the kitchen
  • Footsteps up and down the hallway
  • Things go missing then when I find them they have no lids

Someone recently visited the house and without us saying anything about the house she said she saw an apparition come down the stairs and go straight through her.

This isn’t the first house I’ve lived in that this has happened. My motherand most of her family have died. My uncle and grandfather both died in a freakish car/train accident. My grandfather was tall and dark haired with high cheekbones/chiselled features and my uncle was blonde and 9-10 years old when they died. I saw an apparition of a boy a few years ago (one of those ghostly white figures with no legs), and someone who looked like my grandfather in the flesh when I went back home to visit family 15 years ago. He was walking right towards me then disappeared. I’m not sure but I get the feeling I’m being followed around mainly by my grandfather.”

The Investigation

Date: 24/11/2012
Time: 7:45pm onwards
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous (83% full) Moon in Aries
Solar X-rays: Active
Geomagnetic Field: Unsettled
Weather: Mostly clear. 18-26 degrees, 61-66% humidity, 18-36 km/hr windspeed N, ENE; 33km/hr gust, 1014.6h/PA pressure. Current temperature (8:30pm) 21.4 deg C.
Investigators: Janine, Steve, Wayne, Margaret, Julie, Yvette


From Steve: “We all stated how bad we felt in the attic at Woolloomooloo. While we were walking up the stairs to the room I caught this. It’s one of the best I have caught for a long time. The following recording has not been cleaned in any way.”

1. Near the attic stairs a voice says, “Help me” or “Help him” ?

2. After Janine asks, “Anyone like to place their bets?” a “sh” noise and a voice can be heard.


4. A voice is heard, possibly in reply to the question about looking after the children.


6. Knocking as a possible response to Janine’s question.