Date: 20/01/2012
Time: 8:00pm onwards
Moon Phase: Waxing Moon in Sagittarius
Investigators: Janine, Steve, Wayne & Heather

Steve’s Observations

An interesting investigation and yet another property bombarded with high levels of emf. It’s not surprising the client could not sleep with the amount of emf around her bed. Three of us did experience feelings that could have suggested a previous occupant or someone previously on the land had experienced a heart attack.

A review of the ghost box session revealed a welcome surprise. After Janine asks for a name a reply of Jason comes back within about 2 secs. It made my hair stand on end! This was our first time with the Ghost Box and I’m looking forward to working with it again.

Janine’s Observations

On arrival at the residence I waited outside for the rest of the team to arrive, as I waited I felt a buzzy energy outside the building. On entering the unit we all sat on the lounge while the client explained what was happening. Even then I had a sense of uneasiness and an impression of someone having a heart attack. On going through the unit with the K2 meter we discovered extremely high readings of electromagnetic energy througout the unit, particularly in the bedroom, which could explain the strange buzzy feeling. We decided to base ourselves in the bedroom where most of the activity was reported. I had positioned myself on the bed with my head against the wall and after a few minutes I started experiencing a headache which was the result of the high emf.

We used a Ghost Box for the first time during our investigation. After I asked spirit for a name a reply of “Jason” comes back within about few seconds. The activity experienced by the client was more likely by random spirits but that could not be substantiated at the investigation. Emf readings were also extremely high outside of the building and we ascertained that they were emanating from the overhead electrical wires and the transformer mounted on the power pole directly outside of the building.

Listen to “Jason” EVP