History of the Area

Client: “We used to call it the bad lands as kids. I grew up down the road and this used to be my playground. But we never came up here. This is where the mares tended to their foals. It was a horse paddock. The lower area was used as a dump for housing materials. My safe place was the lower area on an old set of steps, looking over the park.”

Summary of Activity

Client: “My dad passed 2 yrs ago. I first started noticing that something wasn’t right more so recently, when I noticed the change in the woods house. But we have all been sick and tired since moving in here. I had a few intense weeks in August but it seems to have quietened down again. I have been feeling cold breaths down my neck, the house feels heavy, my kids have nightmares in their own rooms. The house feels damp, but more heavy. I still leave a light on at night, and dread getting up at night to use the bathroom! The house feels angry! And dark. The light I let in seems, um, offensive! The first thing I noticed was a coldness in my daughter’s room. As well as the cold in the rooms disturbances have taken place in the kitchen and laundry, but seem to have stopped for the moment. The noises never happened when the kids were awake, I felt the chills down my back significantly was when I was cooking dinner. Last month the house was empty but noisy; does that make any sense? As for my ideas about who or what this may be, I don’t think my dad would do this. No I feel if there is something, it’s more connected to the land. I had my dad’s ashes here for 6 weeks 1 yr ago and actually felt peace. I think for someone of my age to be scared to get up to use the bathroom at night isn’t normal! Just doesn’t feel right.”


Date: 08/10/2011
Time: 8:00pm onwards
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous Moon in Pisces
Investigators: Janine, Steve & Wayne

Steve’s Observations

This client was a single mother of 2 young children. Her father had passed some time ago and Janine felt that his protective presence was still very much around the house.

The children have had recurring illnesses and the son disliked being in his room a lot. The energy was in fact a lot “heavier” in there but I felt no negative presence. Environmentally however, the room was damp and poorly lit with very little natural light. I placed my EVP recorder on a shelf in this room while we conducted the investigation.

There was nil evidence of EMF spikes within the house. Outside in the area of the children’s play area the energy was not so good. Wayne had a strong sense that the area had been a dumping ground before the house was built and that there were a lot of toxins and negative energy in this area. Certainly there was evidence that nearby trees were not particularly healthy, suggesting that root systems were not what they should be.

We were outside for a good 10-15 minutes with the client and her cat. This is relevant because 2 unexplained noises were captured on my recorder in the boys bedroom when no-one was in the house.

The property was thoroughly cleansed before departure and the client will contact us again if she is concerned.